Labs for PhET (1.0) at Colorado

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Identifier Name Widgets Quantum Tunneling and Wave Packets list Projectile Motion list Unit Rates list Magnet and Compass list Sound list Capacitor Lab list Beta Decay list The Ramp list Acid-Base Solutions list Molecule Polarity list Faraday's Electromagnetic Lab list States of Matter list Build a Fraction list Reversible Reactions list Expression Exchange list Gene Expression - The Basics list Maze Game list Forces in 1 Dimension list Rutherford Scattering list Forces and Motion: Basics list Build a Molecule list Ladybug Revolution list Circuit Construction Kit: DC - Virtual Lab list Bending Light list Natural Selection list Capacitor Lab: Basics list Fourier: Making Waves list Equality Explorer list Circuit Construction Kit (AC+DC), Virtual Lab list Least-Squares Regression list Equation Grapher list Ladybug Motion 2D list Magnets and Electromagnets list Area Model Introduction list Eating & Exercise list Neuron list Microwaves list Circuit Construction Kit (AC+DC) list Molarity list Build an Atom list Area Model Algebra list Self-Driven Particle Model list Density list Forces and Motion list Gravity Force Lab list John Travoltage list Optical Quantum Control list States of Matter: Basics list Ohm's Law list Reactions & Rates list Balloons and Static Electricity list Lunar Lander list Signal Circuit list Normal Modes list Energy Skate Park: Basics list John Travoltage list Arithmetic list Masses & Springs list Stern-Gerlach Experiment list Band Structure list The Moving Man list Ramp: Forces and Motion list Simplified MRI list Energy Forms and Changes list Isotopes and Atomic Mass list Electric Field of Dreams list Alpha Decay list Gene Expression Essentials list Torque list Resonance list Faraday's Law list Equality Explorer: Basics list Resistance in a Wire list Collision Lab list The Greenhouse Effect list Gene Machine: The Lac Operon list Molecule Shapes list Fractions: Intro list Plate Tectonics list Molecule Shapes: Basics list Circuit Construction Kit: DC list Color Vision list Plinko Probability list Function Builder list Charges And Fields list My Solar System list Conductivity list Membrane Channels list Neon Lights & Other Discharge Lamps list Balancing Act list Battery-Resistor Circuit list Function Builder: Basics list Semiconductors list Lasers list Under Pressure list Equality Explorer: Two Variables list Photoelectric Effect list Models of the Hydrogen Atom list Sugar and Salt Solutions list Wave on a String list Area Model Multiplication list Atomic Interactions list Proportion Playground list Gravity And Orbits list Double Wells and Covalent Bonds list Battery Voltage list Quantum Bound States list Generator list Vector Addition list Fractions: Equality list pH Scale: Basics list Masses and Springs list Graphing Quadratics list Area Builder list Friction list Fraction Matcher list Wave Interference list Radiating Charge list Curve Fitting list Coulomb's Law list Blackbody Spectrum list Motion in 2D list Balloons & Buoyancy list Energy Skate Park list Optical Tweezers and Applications list Radioactive Dating Game list Reactants, Products and Leftovers list Graphing Lines list Radio Waves & Electromagnetic Fields list Hooke's Law list Fractions: Mixed Numbers list Gas Properties list Area Model Decimals list pH Scale list Calculus Grapher list Davisson-Germer: Electron Diffraction list Fluid Pressure and Flow list Pendulum Lab list Buoyancy list Balloons and Static Electricity list Balancing Chemical Equations list Beer's Law Lab list Molecular Motors list Nuclear Fission list Salts & Solubility list Glaciers list Masses and Springs: Basics list Quantum Wave Interference list Trig Tour list Stretching DNA list Molecules and Light list Make a Ten list Concentration list Graphing Slope-Intercept list Geometric Optics list Electric Field Hockey list Estimation list