Labs for Academo (1.0) at United States

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Identifier Name Widgets
/demos/speed-of-light-visualizer/ Speed of Light Visualizer list
/demos/one-dimensional-elastic-collisions/ One Dimensional Elastic Collisions list
/demos/gaussian-distribution/ Gaussian (Normal) Distribution list
/demos/rotation-about-point/ 2D Rotation about a point list
/demos/earth-breathing/ Earth Breathing list
/demos/colour-temperature-relationship/ Colour-Temperature Relationship list
/demos/aperture-depth-of-field/ Aperture Size and Depth of Field list
/demos/standard-deviation-calculator/ Standard Deviation Calculator list
/demos/hubble-ultra-deep-field/ Hubble Ultra Deep Field list
/demos/open-pit-mines/ Open-pit mines on Google Maps list
/demos/light-pollution-map/ Interactive Light Pollution Map list
/demos/blackbody-radiation/ Planck's Law of Black-body Radiation list
/demos/galileos-sunspots/ Galileo's Sunspot Drawings list
/demos/geodesics/ Geodesics on the Earth list
/demos/hypocycloid/ Hypocycloid animation list
/demos/1D-wave-equation/ 1D Wave Equation list
/demos/ROT-13-cipher/ ROT-13 Encrypter/decrypter list
/demos/estimating-pi-monte-carlo/ Estimating Pi using the Monte Carlo Method list
/demos/base-n-converter/ Base-n number converter list
/demos/lissajous-curves/ Lissajous Curves list
/demos/electric-field-line-simulator/ Electric field line simulator list
/demos/virtual-oscilloscope/ Virtual Oscilloscope list
/demos/bortle-scale/ Bortle Scale list
/demos/amplitude-modulation/ Amplitude Modulation list
/demos/lunar-photography/ Lunar Photography list
/demos/gravity-map/ Map of Earth's Gravity list
/demos/quadrilateral-area-calculator/ Quadrilateral Area Calculator list
/demos/haberdashers-puzzle/ Haberdasher's Puzzle list
/demos/dice-roll-statistics/ Statistics of rolling dice list
/demos/venn-diagram-generator/ Venn Diagram Generator list
/demos/day-night-terminator/ Day/Night Terminator Map list
/demos/3d-vector-plotter/ 3D Vector Plotter list
/demos/spectrum-analyzer/ Spectrum Analyzer list
/demos/shipwrecks/ Shipwrecks on Google Maps list
/demos/least-squares-regression-line/ Least Squares Regression Line list
/demos/3d-surface-plotter/ 3D Surface Plotter list
/demos/19-tet-keyboard/ 19 TET Keyboard list
/demos/vectorscope/ Vectorscope list
/demos/wave-interference-beat-frequency/ Wave Interference and Beat Frequency list
/demos/night-time-satellite-imagery/ Earth at Night list
/demos/orbit-simulator/ Orbit Simulator list
/demos/spherical-waves/ Spherical Waves list
/demos/logic-gate-simulator/ Logic Gate Simulator list
/demos/conways-game-of-life/ Conway's Game of Life list
/demos/vector-field-plotter/ Vector Field Plotter list
/demos/rhodonea-curves/ Rhodonea Curves (Roses) list
/demos/perlin-noise/ Perlin Noise list
/demos/keplers-third-law/ Kepler's Third Law list
/demos/capital-cities-map/ Capital Cities Map list
/demos/nuclear-craters/ Nuclear Bomb Craters on Google Maps list
/demos/circle-area-rearrangement-method/ Area of a circle (Rearrangement Method) list
/demos/exponential-function/ Euler's Number (Exponential Function) list
/demos/simple-pendulum/ Simple pendulum list
/demos/contour-plot/ Contour Plotter list
/demos/wavelength-to-colour-relationship/ Wavelength to Colour Relationship list