Labs for PhysicsBU (1.0) at United States

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Identifier Name Widgets
collisions_1D_bargraphs Collisions in 1-Dimension, with bar graphs list
impulse Momentum and Impulse list
interference Constructive and destructive interference list
projectile1 Projectile Motion (set speed and angle) list
projectile2 Projectile Motion (set initial velocity components) list
Newton_cooling Newton's law of cooling list
final_curtain1 Puzzle - find the focal length of the object behind the curtain (I) list
circuit_power_boxes_RC Power boxes - RC series circuit list
motion_diagrams Motion Diagrams list
refraction_three_layer Refraction in three layers list
simple_pendulum_damped A simple pendulum, with damping list
banked_turn Car on a banked turn list
Atwoods_machine_with_pulley Atwood's machine, re-visited list
center_of_mass_noforce Motion with no net external force list
interference_of_pulses Interference of pulses list
transverse_standing_wave Standing waves on a string list
symmetry Symmetry list
ranking_force Ranking task - rank by net force list
1Dmotion_graphs_twoa Landing a rocket list
rolling_car_driving How a front-wheel-drive car works list
fidget_spinner_on_scanner Photocopying a fidget spinner (rolling shutter) list
EM_Doppler Doppler effect for EM waves list
energy_rampslide Energy graphs - object sliding down a ramp list
reflection_time_law Reflection, the role of time, and the law of reflection list
fluid_buoyant_force The buoyant force list
mass_on_spring_graphs A ball on a spring list
RLC_impedance_triangle The impedance triangle list
projectile_motion_nographs Projectile Motion (with motion diagram and velocity components) list
thermo_air_conditioner Energy flow in an air conditioner or fridge list
wave A transverse wave list
normal_force The normal force list
energy_ramp_roll Rolling down a ramp list
ball_in_viscous_fluid Ball dropping in a viscous fluid list
gravitational_interaction_evolve Gravitational interactions - time evolution list
thermo_heat_engine Energy flow in a heat engine list
the_new_colossus at the Statue of Liberty list
collisions_1D_bargraphs_interactive Puzzle - 1-D collision with interactive bar graphs list
centerofmass Center of Mass list
puzzle_charge Puzzle - determine the two charge values list
center_of_mass_motion Motion of the center of mass list
EM_railgun Electromagnetic railgun list
diffraction Diffraction from a single-slit list
climate_change_historical_energy Historical energy use in USA list
vector_addition Vector Addition list
current_interaction The force between current-carrying wires list
refraction_time Refraction and the role of time list
diffraction_grating A diffraction grating list
doppler The Doppler effect list
relative_velocity_race Relative velocity: race on a moving sidewalk list
brownian_motion Brownian motion list
field_potential3 Electric field and electric potential in 1-D list
threeD_EMwave 3-D visualization of an EM wave list
magnet_loop Animation of a magnet and a loop list
LensesLab_WhereEye2 Puzzle - where can you put your eye to see the ENTIRE image? (II) list
loop_and_field Moving a loop through a magnetic field list
energy_rampslide_spring Energy graphs - object sliding down a ramp (with spring) list
ice_and_water Mix ice and water list
gravitational_interaction Gravitational interactions list
accelerating_cylinder An accelerating cylinder list
magnetic_field_1D The magnetic field in 1-dimension list
gravitation_orbits_energy Orbits and Energy list
circular_carnival_ride Gravitron (carnival ride model) list
ballistic_pendulum A ballistic pendulum list
ranking_acceleration Ranking task - rank by acceleration list
cyclotron A cyclotron list
rolling_shutter Photocopying a wave (rolling shutter) list
block_and_pulley A block and a pulley list
Atwoods_machine Atwood's machine list
puzzle_field_potential Puzzle - determine the two charge values from the graphs list
puzzle_3currents Puzzle - rank the three currents based on their magnitude list
circuit_power_boxes_intro Power boxes - an introduction list
climate_change_vehicle_emissions Vehicle emissions of carbon dioxide list
lenses_curtain Test yourself - what's behind the curtain? (Lenses) list
Mirrors_and_time Mirrors and time (the role of time in image formation) list
polarized_light_curtain Three polarizers - what's behind the curtain? list
block_and_pulley_energy A block and a pulley, with energy bar graphs list
puzzle_Coulomb Puzzle - rank the three charges based on their magnitude list
PV_diagram P-V diagram list
mass_on_spring_damped A ball on a spring - with damping (friction) list
bowling_ball Rolling - the bowling ball problem list
puzzle_1charge Puzzle - determine the charge value list
SHM_circular_motion Connecting simple harmonic motion and uniform circular motion list
Plane_Mirror_HowTall How tall does a mirror have to be for you to see your whole self? list
charge_in_field_sim The trail behind a charged particle moving in a magnetic field list
coulomb_interaction Coulomb's Law - interactions between charged particles list
torque_three_ways Static equilibrium - three ways to calculate torque list
electric_generator An electric generator list
ballistics_cart A ballistics cart list
circuit_power_boxes_series Power boxes - series circuit list
ramps Comparing ramps list
projectile_motion_spray Projectile Motion (changing the launch angle) list
Newtons_rings Newton's rings list
pressure Pressure in a static fluid list
DC_motor A direct-current motor list
charge_in_field The force on a charged particle in a magnetic field list
ohm_IRgraph Ohm's law - current vs. resistance graph list
1Dmotion_graph_matching Graph matching (position + velocity graphs) list
charge_in_EField A charge in an electric field list
refraction Refraction list
energy_graphs_twoa Energy graphs for landing a rocket list
polarized_light_onepolarizer One polarizer (polarized incident light) list
force_motion_1D_friction Force and motion in 1D, with friction list
mass_spectrometer Mass spectrometer list
ramp Ball on a ramp list
PV_diagram_cycle A sample thermodynamic cycle list
hinged_rod Static equilibrium - a hinged rod list
longitudinal_wave A longitudinal wave on a spring list
polarized_light Three polarizers (unpolarized incident light) list
Mirrors_focal_length Test yourself - find the focal length list
pendulum A Simple pendulum list
Atwoods_machine_with_pulley_energy Atwood's machine, with energy bar graphs list
battery A basic circuit list
field_and_string A charge on a string in an electric field list
circuit_power_boxes_parallel Power boxes - parallel circuit list
static_friction Static friction list
refraction_block Refraction in a rectangular block list
ideal_gas Ideal gas list
PV_diagram_isothermal_adiabatic Comparing isothermal and adiabatic processes list
elevator_physics Elevator physics list
Galileos_ramp Galileo's ramp (with sound) list
visible_spectrum Visualization of the visible spectrum list
2Dinterference_point Interference in 2D: exploring path-length difference list
pendulum_energy Energy bar graphs for a pendulum list
linear_thermal_expansion Thermal expansion list
balanced_beam Static equilibrium - a balanced beam list
refraction_time_Snell Refraction, the role of time, and Snell's law list
1Dmotion_graphs 1-D motion: graphs list
inner_solar_system_new The inner solar system list
polarized_light_filter Optical activity list
Mirrors_and_time_graph Mirrors and time (the role of time in image formation) - graph list
circular_motion Circular motion list
force_motion_1D Force and motion in 1D list
coulomb_interaction_evolve Coulomb's Law - interactions between charged particles - time evolution list
electroscope_charged_rod An electroscope and a charged rod list
ranking_resistance Ranking task - rank by resistance list
gravitation_binary_system A binary system list
color_mix Color mixing (additive + subtractive) list
ohm Ohm's law list
whole_vectors Whole vectors list
reflection_time Reflection and the role of time list
emission_spectra Atomic spectra list
Mirrors Ray diagram for a converging, diverging, or plane mirror list
WhereEye Puzzle - where can you put your eye to see the ENTIRE image? list
friction_on_ramp Friction on an incline list
rotationalkinematics_1Dmotion Comparing rotational kinematics and 1-D motion list
ohm_IVgraph Ohm's law - current vs. voltage graph list
reflection_transmission Reflection and transmission list
constant_acceleration_lab Motion with Constant Acceleration list
Lenses Ray diagram for a converging or diverging lens list
diffusion Diffusion list
refraction_TIR Total internal reflection (a model of an optical fiber) list
longitudinal_standing_wave Standing waves in a pipe list
heat_addHeat Add heat to water list
2Dmotion_race Race between a dropped ball and one launched horizontally list
1Dmotion_constantv_constanta Constant Velocity vs. Constant Acceleration list
electroscope An electroscope list
beats Beats list
solar_system_average_distance Closest planet to Earth (on average) list
solar_sailboat Solar sail (radiation pressure) list
halflife Half life list
threeD_magnetism A charged particle moving in three dimensions list
work_energy Kinetic energy and work list
longitudinalwave A longitudinal wave list
adiabatic_mechanism Why an adiabatic process changes temperature list
2Dinterference Interference in 2D list
fluid_in_a_pipe Continuity - fluid in a pipe list
vector_spin Vector-Addition Patterns list
monkey_hunter The monkey and the hunter list
potential2 Potential energy for two charges list
fluid_apparent_weight Apparent weight (and the buoyant force) list
ideal_gas_nograph_circle A circular version of the previous simulation list
force_PE2 Force and Potential energy for two charges list
rainbow Making a rainbow list
blackbody_radiation Blackbody radiation list
gravitation_multiEarth_Sun The Earth and the Sun - multiple Earths list
ball_on_string A ball on a string list
LensesLab_WhereEye1 Puzzle - where can you put your eye to see the ENTIRE image? (I) list
speed_of_sound Measuring speed of sound list
circuit_power_boxes_combination Power boxes - combination circuit list
magnet_loop_move Move a magnet near a loop list
prism A prism list
lenses_revised Nice variation of the previous simulation by John Welch, showing the lens changing shape list
Mirrors_curtain Test yourself - what's behind the curtain? (Mirrors) list
constant_acceleration Constant Acceleration, Same Physics list
thermometer Thermometer list
collisions_1D Collisions in 1-Dimension list
DLA4c Diffusion-limited aggregation list
EField Electric field near two charges list
spring_wave A spring wave (similar to pendulum wave) list
double_slit Single-slit diffraction and double-slit interference pattern list
BField The magnetic field near two current-carrying wires list
connections_FEUV Connecting Force and Energy; Field and Potential list
LensesLab_Puzzle3 Puzzle - find the focal length of the lens (III) list
ideal_gas_nograph Ideal gas (no histogram) list
PV_diagram_heattransfer Isothermal, isobaric, and isochoric processes list
gravitational_slingshot Gravitational assist (slingshot) list
jumping_on_merrygoround Jumping on a merry-go-round list
gravitation_Earth_Sun The Earth and the Sun list
rolling Rolling - four views list
coulomb2 Coulomb's Law, plotting vs various functions of r list
coulomb1 Coulomb's Law list
revolving_door Rotation of a revolving door list
circular_disk_turntable A disk on a turntable list
RC_circuit Resistor-Capacitor (RC) circuit list
mass_on_spring_energy A ball on a spring - energy graphs list
wave_movie_and_graph A wave movie and a graph list
dopplergraph The Doppler effect, with graphs list
holeinmybucket There's a hole in my bucket list
Mirrors_and_time_update Mirrors and time (the role of time in image formation) - draggable list
RLC_circuit RLC Circuit list
LensesLab_Puzzle1 Puzzle - find the focal length of the lens (I) list
reflections Reflections list
final_curtain2 Puzzle - find the focal length of the object behind the curtain (II) list
LensesLab_Puzzle2 Puzzle - find the focal length of the lens (II) list
marching_band_model Marching band model for refraction list
motional_emf Motional emf list
projectile_motion Projectile Motion (with motion diagram, velocity components, and graphs) list