Labs for PhysicsAviary (1.0) at United States

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Identifier Name Widgets
ConvergingMirrorLab/index.html Converging Mirror Lab list
EMSpectrum/index.html EM Spectrum Viewed Using Diffraction Grating Lab list
SimpleThermalSpeedLab/index.html Simple Thermal Speed Lab list
SpringPredictionPocketLab/index.html Spring Oscillation with Prediction PocketLab list
PowerOfLight/index.html Power of Light Bulb Lab list
GroundToGroundSoccerKickLab/index.html Ground to Ground Soccer Kick Lab list
FireworkVerticalMotionLab/index.html Firework Vertical Motion Lab list
Impulsev2Lab/index.html Impulse Version 2 Lab list
CircularMotionLab/index.html Circular Motion Learning Lab list
StoppingDistanceVersionTwo/index.html Stopping Distance version 2 list
RadiationDetectionLab/index.html Radiation Detection Lab list
PhotoelectricEffect/index.html Photoelectric Lab list
FrequencyVoltageACPowerSupplyLab//index.html Measuring Voltage and Frequency in AC Lab list
RiverCrossingLab/index.html River Crossing Lab list
InternalResistanceOfBatteryWithPrediction/index.html Internal Resistance with Prediction list
WayMirror2Lab/index.html The Way a Mirror Works 2 Lab list
ClosestApproachLab/index.html Closest Approach Between Particles list
AccelerationinCircleLiveLab//index.html Live Circular Acceleration (Phone Only) list
KineticEnergyWithPredictionLab//index.html Kinetic Energy with Predictions Lab list
EquationsOfMotionLab/index.html Equations of Motion Lab list
DopplerLab/index.html Doppler Effect list
ClassicCircularForceWithPredictionLab//index.html Classical Circular Force with Predictions Lab list
ScaleLab/index.html Scale Lab (Torque and Equilibrium) list
SatelliteSpeedLab//index.html Satellite Speed Lab list
ProjectileLab/index.html Projectiles list
ForcesOnInclineLab/index.html Forces on an Incline Lab list
ForceBuoyancy/index.html Buoyancy Lab list
RailGunLab/index.html Rail Gun Lab list
DiffractionLab/index.html Diffraction of Light list
AtwoodLab/index.html Atwood Machine Lab list
CurlingStoneMomentumLab/index.html Curling Momentum Lab list
Half-LifeLab/index.html Half-Life Lab list
LightBulbPowerWithPredictionLab//index.html Power of Light with Prediction Lab list
ForceGravityBucketLab/index.html Force Gravity Bucket list
ResonanceCurveLab//index.html Resonance Curve Lab list
OhmsLawWithPredictionsLab//index.html Ohm's Law with Predictions Lab list
WorkToKELab/index.html Work to KE Lab list
DistanceToDestruction/index.html Distance to Destruction list
FlowRateFromBeverageDispenserLab/index.html Flow Rate From Dispenser Lab list
ForceFriction/index.html Friction Lab list
ForceDirectionRelativeToMotionLab/index.html Force Direction Relative to Motion Lab list
FatherBrownAccelerationLab//index.html Father Brown Constant Acceleration Lab list
MechanicalEquivalentOfHeatLab/index.html Mechanical Equivalent of Heat list
ImpulseLab/index.html Impulse Lab list
MagneticFlux/index.html Magnetic Induction list
ElectricalEquivalentOfHeatLab/index.html Electrical Equivalent of Heat list
RCinDCChargingLab/index.html Charging a Capacitor in a DC Circuit list
ThompsonetomLab/index.html Thompson's Cathode Ray Tube Lab list
RollingDistanceLab/index.html Rolling Distance Lab list
DumpTowerLab/index.html Dump Tower Lab list
RLCinACLab//index.html RLC in AC Lab list
EmissionSpectra/index.html Emission Spectra Lab list
NewtonsLawPhotogateLab/index.html Newton's 2nd Law with Photogates list
DiskDownIncline/index.html Disk Down Incline Lab list
NewtonsLawLabWithPredictions//index.html Newton's Law Lab With Predictions list
Beats/index.html Beats list
SpinningCoilLab/index.html Spinning Coil in Magnetic Field list
RLinACLab/index.html RL in AC list
HorizontalOscillationsLab/index.html Horizontal Oscillations Lab list
PendulumPredictionPocketLab//index.html PocketLab Pendulum with Prediction list
CandyContainerLab//index.html Candy Container Lab list
EnergyTransformationLab/index.html Energy Transformations list
GraphingBoatMotionLab/index.html Graphing Motion Simple list
DroneDeliveryLab/index.html Drone Delivery Lab list
NewtonsLawLab/index.html Newton's 2nd Law System list
ThermalSpeedWithPredictionLab//index.html Thermal Speed with Prediction Lab list
PulleyLab/index.html Pulleys list
SpecificHeatSolidGuidedLab/index.html Specific Heat of Solid (Guided) list
SolarFluxLab/index.html Solar Flux Lab list
HorizontalOscillationswDampingLab/index.html Horizontal Oscillations with Damping Lab list
NewtonsLawwithGraphsLab/index.html Newton's 2nd Law Simple list
FieldFromWire/index.html Magnetic Field from Wire list
GasInBox/index.html Gas in Box Lab list
KineticEnergyLab/index.html Kinetic Energy Lab list
UniversalGravityLab/index.html Universal Gravity list
WavelengthLab/index.html Wavelength list
BernoulliLab/index.html Bernoulli Lab list
CapacitorPropertiesLab/index.html Capacitor Properties list
ForceGravityWaterBottleLab//index.html Force Gravity Water Bottle Lab list
HeatTransferGasesWithPredictionLab//index.html Heat Transfer with Prediction Lab list
InterferingWaves/index.html Interfering Waves list
SoccerKickWithPredictionLab//index.html Soccer Kick with Prediction Lab list
PVCFreefallLab/index.html PVC Freefall list
EnergyLossGuidedLab/index.html Energy Loss on Bounce Guided Lab list
PocketLabFreefallLab//index.html PocketLab Freefall Lab list
CandyBuoyancyLab//index.html Candy Buoyancy Lab list
CircularAcceleration/index.html Circular Acceleration Lab list
EnergyLevelLab/index.html Frequency from Energy Gap Lab list
ForceElectricMiniLab/index.html Force Electric Mini Lab list
WaveOnStringLab/index.html Speed of Wave on String list
PendulumPocketLab//index.html Pendulum PocketLab list
CarnotEngineLab/index.html Efficiency of an Ideal Engine list
WayMirrorLab/index.html The Way a Mirror Works Lab list
CircularForceLab/index.html Circular Forces list
InclinedPlaneLab/index.html Inclined Plane Lab list
SpinningCoilwGraphLab/index.html Spinning Coil in Magnetic Field with Graph list
DopplerWithPredictions//index.html Doppler Lab with Predictions list
WorkToPEgLab/index.html Work to PEg Lab list
ChargeinMagFieldLab/index.html Charge in Magnetic Field list
GraphingOfMotionLabQuick//index.html Graphing of Motion Lab (Quick) list
ForceFrictionPrediction//index.html Friction with Prediction Lab list
GraphingOfMotionLab/index.html Freestyle Graphing of Motion list
SpecificHeatGuidedLab/index.html Specific Heat of Liquid (Guided) list
IntensityLab/index.html Intensity list
SpeedAtLocationOnRamp//index.html Predicting Speed at Location on a Ramp list
ReflectingWaves/index.html Reflecting Waves list
SpeedOfSoundLab/index.html Speed of Sound list
ChargeMovingThroughMagneticFieldSimple/index.html Charge Moving Through Magnetic Field Basic list
ClassicCircularForceLab/index.html Classic Circular Force list
SiphonLab/index.html Siphon Lab list
YouTubeLab/index.html Fluids in a U-Tube Lab list
AccelerationForRaceCarInTurnLab//index.html Acceleration In Turn Lab list
InducedCurrentLab/index.html Induced Current Lab list
RadioactiveShieldingLab/index.html Radioactive Shielding Lab list
TorqueWithWaterBottle//index.html Water Bottle Torque Lab list
ParallelCircuitLab/index.html Parallel Circuits list
OscillationGuidedLab/index.html Guided Oscillations Lab list
RCCircuitLab/index.html RC Circuits list
RollingDistanceWithPredictionLab//index.html Rolling Distance with Prediction Lab list
RefractionLab/index.html Refraction of Light list
CoulombsLawLab/index.html Coulomb's Law Lab list
HeatTransferGasesLab/index.html Heat Transfer Lab list
SeriesCircuitLab/index.html Series Circuits list
RiverCrossingWithPredictionLab//index.html River Crossing with Prediction Lab list
RealLightbulbsOfNJLab//index.html Real Lightbulbs of NJ list
SneakerStoppingDistanceLab//index.html Sneaker Stopping Distance Lab list
RCinACLab/index.html RC in AC Lab list
EnergyLossWithPredictionLab//index.html Energy Loss on Bounce with Prediction list
MaxwellDistribution/index.html Maxwell Distribution Lab list
SpaceAroundChargeLab/index.html Space Around Charge Lab list
ResistanceOfWireChallengeLab/index.html Resistance of Wire based on Ohm's Law list
PocketLabPressureBelowFluidLab//index.html PocketLab Pressure Below A Fluid Lab list
VelocityFromRepulsionLab/index.html Velocity from Repulsion list
RadiantEmission/index.html Radiant Emission of Light list
RCinDCChargingLab//index.html Capacitor Charging in RC Circuit list
LensLab/index.html Lens Lab list
OscillationLab/index.html Oscillations Lab list
MeasuringPhotogateAccelerationPrelab/index.html Photogate Acceleration Prelab list
WayMirrorPlaneLab/index.html The Way a Mirror Works Lab (Plane Mirror) list
FatherBrownConstantSpeedLab//index.html Father Brown at a Constant Speed list
SimpleCircuitLab/index.html Simple Circuits list
KineticEnergyLab//index.html Kinetic Energy Lab list
JumpingJoeyCliffWithPredictionLab//index.html Cliff Jumping Joey with Prediction list
SuperSoakerLab/index.html Super Soaker Lab list
InternalResistanceOfBattery/index.html Real Battery Lab list
ImpulseWithPredictionLab//index.html Impulse with Prediction Lab list
PendulumLab/index.html Pendulums list
StoppingDistanceLab/index.html Stopping Distance list
TreadmillPaceLab//index.html Treadmill Lab list
RollingDistanceSimpleLab//index.html Rolling Distance Simple Lab list
AccelerationOnPlanetLab/index.html Acceleration Due To Gravity on a Planet list
SeriesCircuitsWithPredictionsLab//index.html Simple Series Circuit with Prediction Lab list
ResistanceOfWireLab/index.html Resistance of Wire list
GravitationalPELab/index.html Universal Gravitational Energy list
TriangleExplorationLab/index.html Triangle Exploration Lab list
WorkToPEeLab/index.html Work to PEe Lab list
SatelliteLab/index.html Satellite Playground list
ResonanceTubeLab/index.html Resonance Tubes list
MillikanOilDropLab/index.html Millikan Oil Drop Lab list
ResistanceFromVoltageLab//index.html Resistance of Wire from Voltage with Predictions list
AnyGivenSunday/index.html Any Given Sunday list
PascalsPrincipleLab/index.html Pascals Principle Lab list
OhmsLawAnalogMeters/index.html Ohm's Law with Analog Meters list
FlowRateLab/index.html Flow Rate Lab list
CircularFrictionTestTrack/index.html Circular Friction list
DumpTowerLab2//index.html Dump Tower with Saved Plots Lab list
EnergyLossLab/index.html Energy Loss on Bounce list
ForceElectricMiniwithNumbers/index.html Force Electric MiniLab with Numbers list
FlowRateFromBeverageDispenserPredictionsLab//index.html Flow Rate from a Dispenser with Predictions Lab list
AccelerationOnInclineWithPrediction//index.html Acceleration on Incline with Prediction Lab list
StandingWaves/index.html Standing Waves list
ElectricalDeterminationOfSpecificHeatLab//index.html Specific Heat of Fluid from Electrical Energy list
DeepSeaDiverLab/index.html Deep Sea Diver list
AcceleratingChargesWithCapacitor/index.html Accelerating Electrons list
ForceGravityOnPlanetMiniLab/index.html Universal Gravity Mini Lab list
VectorLabWithPredictions//index.html Vector Exploration Lab with Predictions list
SuspensionBridge/index.html Suspension Bridge list
UnwindingCableLab/index.html Moment Of Inertia of Pulley list
ForceNormalSpaceStationLab/index.html Force Normal on Space Station Lab list
GraphingDragRacerMotionLab/index.html Graphing Two Stage Motion list
ForceElastic/index.html Elastic Force Lab list
FlowRateWithPredictionLab//index.html Flow Rate with Predictions list