Labs for QuVis (1.0) at St Andrews (ScotLand)

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Identifier Name Widgets Measurement Uncertainty list IOP Successive Measure Bloch V5 REV list Graphic representation of complex eigenvectors V5 REV list Uncertainty of spin measurement outcome V4 REV list infwell1d list gaussian list Particles infwell list finite infinite well list blochsphere list Bloch measurement list The expectation value of an operator V4 REV list Quantum Eraser list BB84 photons list Superposition States list Single Photon Interference V9 REV list block on track list uncertainty2 list Spin-1 Particles in Successive Stern-Gerlach Experiments V5 REV list Expectation Value list EMeasurement list Entangled spin-half particle pairs and hidden variables V6 REV list Mach Zehnder Phase Shifter list 2DCircular Well list 2DQuantum Harmonic Oscillator list Mach Zehnder-PhaseShifter V7 REV - Copy list Entangled spin elementary hidden variable theory V6 REV list spin precession list Eigenvectors And Eigenvalues list Bloch Sphere V7 REV list cryptography b92 list Quantum Bomb Game list perturbation Game list Symmetric Perturbation list variational Method list Matrix Multiplication list spin1 list Mach Zehnder Interferometer list photons particles waves list superposition list cryptography list Mach Zehnder Interferometer V8 REV list Quantum Cryptography with spin-half particles V3 REV list Probability Current list infwell2d list Quantum Oscillator list Superposition States and Mixed States V7 REV list Fermions Bosons list Timedev-Spins-Bloch V6 REV list entanglement list Expansion Theorem list Classical Oscillator list Complex Eigenvectors list Delayed Choice list Energy Uncertainty list Time Development list quantum versus hv2 list quantum versus hv1 list uncertainty list Matrix Multiplication V4 REV list Density Matrix list Entangled Spin-half Particle Pairs V6 REV list Deg Pert Theory list half harmonic oscillator list cryptography bb84 list Eigenvectors and Eigenvalues V5 REV list Single Photon Lab list bloch timedev list